Barilla - Carebonara

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A story of brotherhood, help and comfort.

Set in the Second World War, the #CAREbonara project aims to tell the hidden legend behind the birth of an iconic dish of Roman and Italian cuisine: the carbonara.

Together with the team of the Alkemy agency, we have produced this short film with a Hollywood flavor in which the brand becomes a silent protagonist: Barilla pasta frames the story. A story of union, care and integration.

Private Robbins (Yonv Joseph) and the Chef (Claudio Santamaria)

For this project I participated in the pre-production and worked on the production of the contents: from the key visual to the animated gifs for Instagram, from the press photography to the backstage ones, from the comparison for the final color grading and some grading retouch up to the making of the backstage video.

Ending scene, with Yonv Joseph and Claudio Santamaria
Claudio Santamaria

The filming set lasted for 3 days. It was made in Rome, at Hotel Plaza and Ex Carlo Forlanini Hospital. and saw the collaboration of hundreds of people.

Yonv Joseph

Director: Xavier Mairesse

Director of Photography: Emanuele Zarlenga

Creativity: Alkemy

Chef: Claudio Santamaria

Private Robbins: Yonv Joseph

Editor: Lorenzo Colugnati

Colorist: Walter Volpatto

Music supervision, Sound Design & Mix: Jackleg Studio

Client: Barilla



Here some backstage photos that I took during those 4 days of set:


The project has won a number of national and international awards (ADCI Awards, New York Festivals, LIA Awards, Lovie Awards):

Backstage video:

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