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Aggiornamento: 13 apr 2021

Since Apple selected me as one of their photographers to spread the efficiency of their iPhone camera system on the web, I participated in their Today At Apple program with 3 personal workshops. In January 2019 I've held 3 professional meetings at the Apple Store in Piazza Liberty (Milan).

My role was to give some personal advices about photo composition, technique, color grading and post-producing, with a focus on iPhone features. At the end of every workshops, the participants were involved in a specific activity.

The first workshop was focused on creating moments: we talked about posed shots, from the idea to the realization, the scouting of locations, the right use of natural light, the art of color and its psychology and the editing and post-producing processes. At the end I asked to the participants to take a portrait of a subject and a photo of the environment inside the Apple Store.

The second workshop was more focused on street photography and capturing moments. The topics addressed were based on what to see in a scene and what is worth to capture, what is the best mood depending on the environment conditions and how to be always prepared to get the shot that you want to capture. At the end of the workshop I went outside with the participants to a photo walk around the streets of Milan.

The last workshop was based on video making and video editing. After an overall speak about the art of video making, we talked about the basics for making videos and how to create nice transitions with iPhone. The participants were asked to replicate some of those transitions with their own iPhone.

Here some of my other #ShotOniPhone photos, taken with iPhone X Max, iPhone XS Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max, combining the different cameras (ultra wide, wide and tele) and photographic modes (portrait, normal and night mode):

It is so clear that having an everyday camera with this quality in your pocket means just one thing: no limits. From the smallest detail to the great frame, from a routine scene to a particular event, I can always be ready to freeze moments of my life.

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